How to Clear DNS Cache in Chrome Browser Step by Step Guide

The DNS cache is a big issue for all who use Chrome and the big one for developers who use Chrome for web development. To solve these problems, people search on the internet for those. We provided the step-by-step guide, but this process is only for Chrome. It will not clear the DNS cache for host computers or devices.

The developers and many people already know how to clear the DNS cache on mac os, windows, iPad, ios, Android, and other devices, but these guides make too much easier to clear the DNS cache. Let’s follow the guide. Say Goodbye to Internet Glitches with This Simple Solution

How to Clear DNS Cache in Chrome Browser

This feature is only accessible through hidden settings, but don’t worry; the steps are too easy.

  1. Open Chrome browser on your computer
  2. Enter the following URL in the address bar and hit return:
How to Clear DNS Cache in Chrome Browser

3. Click on the Clear Host cache button to clear the DNS cache.

To cross-check whether or not the DNS cache is cleared, use the domain lookup tool available on the same window on the upper side.

Just for clarity, these feature is limited to the Chrome browser. It will not impact anywhere on the Mac, Windows, Linux, or device you’re using.

Do you have any other easy tricks to clear the DNS cache? Let us know in the comments below!