How to Stop Getting Beta MacOS Updates in MacOS Sonoma

Apple users may have installed and updated MacOS Sonoma. You used beta testing programs (either public beta or developer beta). Users will be getting beta updates, like Sonoma 14.1 beta, 14.2 beta, 14.3 beta, and so on. maybe, you will not be looking to receive beta updates to your Mac.

How to Stop Getting MacOS Sonoma Beta Updates

Here are the steps for turning off beta updates:

  1. From the Apple menu select‘System Settings.
  2. Navigate to “General”.
  3. Go to “Software Update”
  4. Click on the (i) button across from “Beta Updates”
  5. The dropdown menu will appear on the screen.
  6. Select “Off” from the dropdown menu.
  7. Click on “Done”

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