How to Use iPhone as Microphone for a Mac

iPhone offers a built-in microphone as an external microphone on your Mac. Users can use this feature to allow them to utilize an iPhone as a FaceTime camera on a Mac. The iPhone consists of a good-quality microphone. It can also be the best solution for improving the audio quality of VOIP and audio calls, podcast recordings, and much more.

How to Use iPhone Microphone as an External Mac Microphone

Follow the step-by-step guide to Using an iPhone Microphone as an External Mac Microphone:

  • First, navigate to the Apple menu
  • Select “System Settings”
  • Choose “Sound”.
  • Select the “Input” option under the ‘Output & Input’ section.
  • Tap your iPhone microphone shown in the list, it will show something like “iPhone 14 Microphone – Continuity Camera”.
  • The iPhone will generate a chiming sound meaning it is in use as a microphone, and you’re ready to go.

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