Steps to Set Alarm Clock on Mac

As we all know Modern versions of macOS include a built-in alarm clock, thanks to the addition of the Clock app for Mac. The app allows you to set an alarm clock on the Mac. It offers a feature that has been long awaited as a native capability by Mac users, especially since the alarm clock feature on iPhone has been available for so long.

You can access the Clock app on your Mac to get the Alarm Clock feature on MacOS, which means you’ll need MacOS Sonoma, MacOS Ventura, or newer installed.

How to Set the Alarm Clock on Mac with Clock App

Creating and setting an alarm on the Mac is easy with the Clock app, to do this, you must follow the steps:

  1. First, Open the Clock app on Mac, which can be found in the /Applications folder or users can access it through Spotlight or Launchpad.
  2. Next, Click on the “Alarms” option.
  3. Click the + plus button.
  4. Configure the alarm clock for the time you are looking for it to go off,
  5. Click on the days of the week if you’d like the alarm to repeat itself (choose M, T, W, T, F to activate the alarm for the standard 5-day workweek).
  6. Enter the alarm a name, like “Exercise alarm”
  7. Click on the menu next to “Sound” to customize the alarm clock sound
  8. Check the box for “Snooze”.

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How to Disable an Alarm Clock on Mac

Here are the steps to how you can turn off the alarm clock function for a specific alarm in the Clock app:

  1. Open the Clock app on the Mac.
  2. Click on the “Alarms”.
  3. Next, you will toggle the switch to turn the alarm OFF or ON.

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