What is openthread.thread.home.arpa on Mac Network?

openthread.thread.home.arpa – Many Mac users found a seemingly random device known as “openthread.thread.home.arpa” in the Network section of Finder, which is where you will view other available network computers and devices.

It is interesting that when you will click on “openthread.thread.home.arpa” to try and connect to it or interact with it, you will get that typically nothing occurs.

Don’t need to panic, Here, you will read about what is openthread.thread.home.arpa in the Network section of MacOS?, its purpose, and so on.

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What is openthread.thread.home.arpa on the Mac?

If you are seeing “openthread.thread.home.arpa” on your Mac within the Network section. openthread.thread.home.arpa is called a Thread Border Router which is basically a bridge between devices on a smart home network. A Thread Border Router (TBR) allows the smart device to connect to the internet, and communicate with other devices.


Thread Border Router devices can be a HomePod, HomePod mini, or Apple TV, in the Apple ecosystem, or even something outside the Apple world such as a Raspberry Pi, Nest, Echo, or many other smart home devices including things including smart locks, smart bulbs, smart outlets, smart thermostats, smart doorbells, and much more.

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